Hello I'm Tenne

I struggled in relationships most of my life-with my parents, family friends, romantic partners and work. Through grace, I discovered a process that helped to heal the core wounds that were contributing to my suffering in all relationships.

I discovered that by welcoming all of my feelings, the energy of love emerged and my beliefs, behaviors, and feelings naturally changed. I no longer feared having triggers, but rather saw them as an opportunities to diminish my suffering. This shift created a natural way of experiencing more love.

With each trigger healed, I became lighter emotionally, and I did not have to work to be joyful, I just was. As I started to experience more and more freedom, joy, compassion, and love, I no longer needed the person or environment to change in order to be comfortable in the relationship.

It was the most liberating experience I have ever had and it still is to this day.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker – Supervisor (LCSW- S), Registered Play Therapist – Supervisor (RPT-S).

I possess a master’s in Social Work, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and I have been honored to witness others heal and experience a life unburdened by emotional pain for more than 16 years.