Individual Therapy

Teen Therapy

At times you may feel isolated, like there’s something wrong with you.

In response, you may feel like the world is unfair and try to push away your feelings away.

We understand your pain and believe everyone should experience validation and worth.

At Re-Emerge Therapy, we will help you discover love and shift from feeling not enough to complete and comfortable with all parts of you.

Teen therapy
Adult therapy

Adult Therapy

You may have had wounding experiences, like betrayal and abandonment that sapped your strength and confidence. 

 You might feel victimized and we know how horrible experiences feel, and we believe everyone can experience true freedom. 

 At Re-Emerge Therapy, we can help you redefine your sense of self by becoming aware of your fractured points – so you can heal them and experience the life of your dreams.

Child Therapy

Dear parents,

Children who are experiencing emotional pain may find it challenging to name, tolerate, and move through their feelings.

They might feel like a bad child and act out, thus losing their curiosity and playfulness.

At Re-Emerge Therapy, we understand those “flawed” feelings, and we believe every child should grow up knowing they are loved. 

By using Play Therapy and Re-Emerge Parenting, we support you and your child in healing and growing into your best selves. 




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