Group Therapy

Couples Therapy

Couples experiencing emotional distress in their relationship often find it draining and discouraging.

We know how challenging this distress is and truly believe everyone deserves to experience a loving relationship. 

Re-Emerge Therapy uses emotional triggers as an opportunity to look inward, heal and learn how to communicate your needs with compassion and understanding.

We help transform your relationship pain into love.


Group Therapy

Group therapy provides you the opportunity to experience others who share similar thoughts, beliefs and feelings while healing and learning necessary skills.

Benefits of Group Therapy

  • Powerful healing experience
  • More affordable
  • Targeted healing and skills cultivated
  • Equally as effective as individual therapy

Groups Offered

IFS Anxiety Healing Circle (Everyone)

Learn to access calm and investigate anxious thoughts and stories to find mental clarity, compassion and confidence.

Heal and grow through awareness with group members, befriending the anxious parts of your heart.

Re-Emerge Parenting Healing Circle

Parental figures learn to consistently set limits around behaviors from a space of compassion and respect.

Parental Figures become aware of the thoughts and feelings that prevent them from being emotionally present with their child, and they learn to listen with compassion when their child is upset

Anger Management Healing Circle (Everyone)

Use a practical tool to help gauge anger and apply calming strategies.

Identify thoughts, body sensations and behaviors associated with anger.



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