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Mission: To optimize the healing of our clients by using scientifically proven best practices and to promote the professional development of ethical and competent clinicians.

Vision: To deliver superior care and support to help free individuals from their emotional wounds.

Re-Emerge Child Therapy is now Re-Emerge Therapy. The name change symbolizes the agency’s interest in expanding its reach to all individuals of any age who are seeking positive change.

The word “re-emerge” was deliberately chosen to represent how individuals can rediscover their positive innate qualities such as compassion, joy, peace, love—and how these qualities can re-emerge through the process of healing.

The agency was founded in 2017 by Tenne Wordsworth, a licensed clinical social worker and U.S. Army veteran. The black-owned mental health agency is located in Warrenton, VA.


Play Therapy is structured and scientifically proven to work. It uses the natural way children play to help them act out thoughts and feelings that they cannot express with words.

The strategy helps your child heal and shift from having meltdowns to regulating their emotions and building positive connections.


A scientifically proven treatment that teaches a new way to listen to inner dialog and access inner calm and curiosity.

Turning compassionately towards pain gives voice to different parts of your sub personalities and enables you to see your pain as separate from yourself.

This process of healing produces a greater sense of well-being and shifts your perspective from fear to love.


The founders’ parenting journey shaped the creation of Re-Emerge Parenting. It uses attachment and behavioral based theories which are scientifically proven to enhance parental figure and child relationships.

This balanced approach helps parents and primary caregivers nurture and strengthen attachment bonds, heal wounds that prevent them from being present, and teaches them how to compassionately tend to emotional upset while also setting limits around behaviors.

Rediscovering Our True Nature

Re-Emerge Child Therapy helps both children and Adult rediscover their true nature. When we experience a trauma we internalize these feelings and begin to see ourselves as not lovable, wanted or cared for by others. We then take these feelings of unworthiness or not belonging into all of our subsequent relationships. Despite when our trauma occur, we can always choose now to let go of the hurt and ask for help with forgiving those who have hurt us. When we make this choice, we open ourselves up to love in ways that are beyond our imagination.

The first step to rediscovering the love that we are is to look at our pain instead of projecting it outwards. By looking at our pain, love emerges and we come to not only understand ourselves as love but we understand the other person as well and compassion emerges for the other.

At Re-Emerge Child Therapy, we guide you into your inner sanctum and there you are able to heal your blocks to love and begin to experience love, peace and joy in every interaction.

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Services are offered in person and online -Through Play Therapy (3-12), Teen Therapy,
Adult Therapy, Couples Therapy, Group Therapy and Re-Emerge Parenting

and consultation

Happy Clients


The reason why we came to therapy initially was my daughter’s suicidal thoughts, and that initial reason has been resolved. Now we have moved on to finding the underlying, root causes and working through these causes. We have evolved from "oh my gosh, crisis mode," to, "OK, here is the backstory of how we got here." So, now that the original fire has been put out, we are working through what ignited that fire. Her thoughts were because of a series of events that happened from ages 0-9 that created an inner feeling of "I am wrong." This process has changed our lives because it has brought my daughter and I closer together. I'm not sure if we hadn't started therapy, we would be at this comfort level of talking. We are able to be a witness to each other's emotional journey, pain, and stories. We are able to better understand how our emotional pain influences our actions, and we talk about it outside of therapy. Our lives have changed in terms of our relationship.


I initially reached out to Re-Emerge for my daughter who was going through a hard time navigating emotions when it came to an absent parent. My daughter was struggling to navigate big feelings in a safe and healthy way. Since coming to Re-Emerge I have seen a huge improvement from my daughter in how to navigate feelings through the tools she is learing. I see how giving her a safe person where she may express any emotions she is feeling, is giving her a better sense of security, and an understanding that learning healthy ways to navigate emotions is always best. Reaching out for help is OK, and it takes more courage to reach out for help, then to try and navigate things on her own. I see how therapy is instilling good values for her to keep in mind as she ages, and she comes into adulthood.

The work with Stephanie has been incredible, and it has helped me in ways that I never thought was possible, not only when it comes to how to parent, but also helping me navigate my own past traumas and how they show up in my adulthood. Before we started working together, I never linked little-me and parent-me. I never linked why things that trigger me today are linked to what happened to little me. I have learned how to link what I am going through as an adult, to my loss of control, sense of abandonment as a child. Learning how to link those events from the past, into the present, is helping me understand myself as an adult.


"To say that I am grateful to Tenne for all of her guidance and support over the past few years would be an understatement. I had a picture of the kind of parent that I wanted to be but wasn't quite sure on how to make this picture a reality. Not only has she helped me to bring this picture into fruition, she has helped to empower me to become the kind of parent that I always wished I had. Through working with her I have been able to undergo some incredibly important healing and 'reparenting' for myself which has thus healed and strengthened my relationship with my kids and my husband."

Cory and Madeline

We had been going through the motions since becoming parents. We were not connecting and saying hurtful things to each other. We were bitter and angry. We had tried anger management prior to coming to Re-Emerge but it did not give us the results we wanted. Our therapist was able to teach us to listen, understand and communicate in a way that not only helped us see what our partner needed but what we needed and how our individual actions contributed to the state of our relationship. Through this process, we learned how to forgive each other and tend to our individual and partner’s emotional needs. As a result, we were able to let go of our hurt feelings, reconnect and learn how to be better partners and parents.


"Re-Emerge Therapy has helped me learn how to look within myself and nurture and understand the parts of myself that need healing


“My dad left and my brother was mean to me, so my mom called Re-Emerge Therapy to help me. Before I started therapy, my mom tried to help by giving me two-hour lectures. After going to therapy, my brother did not yell as much, and I stopped yelling. I enjoyed the games we play, and I would recommend Re-Emerge Therapy because they are best.”


“I worry excessively about tornadoes, hurricanes, my dogs getting out, and lots of other things. I had another therapist prior to seeing Ms. Tenne. Ms. Tenne taught me how to solve my problems and to recognize that some worries are ok.”

Clinical supervision Testimonials

Lauren K.

I was fortunate to be matched with Re-Emerge for my first internship as an MSW student at VCU. Tenne created a loving and welcoming space for growth and change that highlighted my strengths and transformed my weaknesses. She encourages everyone to find the direction that works best for them as a learner and future clinician, and I was drawn to this unique space created by Tenne as a supervisor, clinician, and owner of Re-Emerge. I was presented valuable learning opportunities having Stephanie as another mentor and seeing the similarities in values between her and Tenne, making a cohesive team. I was encouraged to use my life experiences to shape my values and when I lost my mom to cancer almost halfway through my internship, Tenne and Stephanie supported me with empathy, giving me insight of my own capability to continue to learn and grow through a tremendous amount of grief. Tenne educates interns and clinicians with Internal Family Systems for the therapeutic approach at Re-Emerge, which provided me with insight into the way I want to grow in my future as a clinician. The environment at Re-Emerge encourages clients, clinicians, and interns to strive towards inner peace as we learn how to challenge ourselves through awareness in a constructive and positive way.

Stephanie T.

When I came here in September 2021, it was to complete my first-year internship as an MSW student at VCU. As a student intern, I could sense entering the room with Tenne, that this was a place of learning and growth. What I didn’t expect to discover was love. The model at Re-Emerge encourages supervisees and or interns to discover their best selves as clinicians. Clinicians and interns are taught how to structure and manage their schedules, sessions, and learn the model of IFS. How we show up in the room, for ourselves and our clients, is ours to discover. Tenne guides this discovery by being present, asking the questions that won’t give us the “right” answers, but allow us to apply critical thinking to interpret information that leads to inner wisdom. The environment at Re-Emerge is both supportive and challenging, full of love and brimming with wisdom. When given a chance to stay at Re-Emerge for my second-year internship, I accepted the opportunity, and was then hired after my degree was completed. As I continue to grow towards becoming an independent clinician, I can see how being at Re-Emerge is honing me into a clinician that is present, speaks the truth, and is full of love.

Brantley B

“I began working at Re-Emerge as a new clinician shortly after completing my graduate degree. Tenne’s wealth of knowledge and thoroughness allowed me to not only grow as a clinician, but as person of the therapist. As an employee, I always felt free to practice transparency and take accountability during supervision, to which Tenne provided tailored guidance and support. Tenne shared constant education and feedback to strengthen and refine therapeutic approaches, which has immensely contributed to my foundation as a therapist and has been greatly appreciated. Although I began working at re-emerge to assist clients with transmuting trauma, healing, and being empowered, I found myself also being empowered through the work and growing into the competent therapist I am today. “

Julie R.

My internship with Re-Emerge was top-notch. It provided opportunities for me to grow both professionally and personally. I gained invaluable experience in the many dimensions of clinical work and learned what it takes to build a thriving practice. I learned skills ranging from conducting intake phone calls with prospective clients to verifying insurance coverage to carrying out therapy sessions to making sure charges were billed correctly. As a supervisor, Tenne has high expectations and challenges interns to do their absolute best. She provides structure, yet flexibility, and she gives interns room to grow, while acting as their safety net. The training program is rooted in evidence-based theoretical approaches that Tenne encourages interns to explore. Video demonstrations, individual and group supervision, and a wide variety of resources enrich and deepen the learning. The Re-Emerge internship helped me to build the competence and confidence that have taken me into the next stages of my career.


Individual Therapy (50 minutes)
Couples Therapy (50 minutes)
Group Therapy (50 minutes)
We accept cash , check, and credit card.
Accepted In- Network Insurance:
  • CareFirst
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Medicaid Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Anthem Health Keepers
  • Tricare
  • All other insurances are out of network
Payments are due at the time of service.
For in network clients copays are collected at the time of service. If your coverage changes and results in a balance, it will be assigned to you.
For out of network clients, you pay in full at the time of service and are provided a superbill (invoice) to seek reimbursement from your insurance company.
Any cancellation notices provided less than 24 hours in advance are subject to cancellation fee of $155. Late cancellation fees are not covered by insurance company.
Sessions maybe covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. Please check your coverage carefully by calling your insurance company and asking the following questions:
  • Do I have mental health insurance benefits?
  • What is my deductible and has it been met?
  • How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover?
  • What is the coverage amount per therapy session?
  • Is approval required from my primary care physician?
  • Is there a difference in my coverage or cost if I use telehealth instead of in-person?
To begin your journey towards a better life start by contacting us today. After scheduling your intake appointment you will receive intake paperwork via the email address you provided.
The 1st and 2nd session will cover your history, story and goals. The 3rd session will be dedicated to collaboratively forming a treatment plan.
Charges related to court documents, school observation and case consultation are separate from session fees. Contact us for additional information.
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