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Are you in a power struggle with your child? Do you find you are repeating yourself again and again, yet your child “does not listen” even when you yell? Does your child throw temper tantrums, hit or fight with other children? Does your child struggle to make friends? These and other behaviors can easily overwhelm a parent. My goal is to help parents successfully meet these challenges and raise confident and enjoyable children.

reEmerge Child Therapy uses a village approach to rebuild bonds, restore families and renew communities. Since your child exist within a system (family and community) the goal at reEmerge Child Therapy is to address family issues through play therapy or Family Therapy, provide you with nurturing parenting skills, and collaborate with community providers (teachers, doctors, occupational therapist etc.) using parent coaching and community consultation.

Play is the language of children.

Play therapy has been very successful in helping children express what is bothering them when they are not yet able to verbalize their distress, fear or frustration. With play they are able to communicate their needs, relieve stress and build positive connections. Play also helps to regulate emotions, boost self-esteem and provides your child with the opportunity to learn, practice and master social, emotional and problem solving skills

If you are looking for assistance and creative ways in which to support your child and your family, especially during a difficult time, please call or send me a message today If you prefer to schedule a free consultation or an appointment click the button below now.