Family Therapy


Maya Angelou stated that “The ache for home lives in all of us; the safe place to where we can go..

Well-functioning families are able to accomplish family task and promote the growth and well being of each individual member. The family is a system and in order for each individual to thrive, the system has to work together to provide the need for each individual.

Everyone has experienced issues in their families. When you share physical and emotional space with someone in the context of a relationship, it can create stress. It is no surprise some families will need help and support to rebalance their families.

Family Therapy involves adults who provide support to the child and can consist of parent-child sessions, marital therapy sessions, parent-sibling sessions, the entire family, parent-grand parent sessions etc.

Family therapy focuses on the relationship dynamic between family members and not on a specific problem with an individual.  Our goal at reEmerge Child Therapy is to help families nurture their family bonds and find solutions within their family context while taking into the account the strength and uniqueness of each family.

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