Welcome to reEmerge Child Therapy a family and community based mental health provider located in Warrenton, Virginia.  reEmerge Child Therapy builds individual resilience by strengthening family bonds.

My specialty is working with families and  school-aged children with social, emotional and behavioral challenges.  I have nine years of experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and firmly believe children possess at birth what they need for growth and development.

I help them discover their strengths, build stronger bonds with their families and provide nurturing guidance to their families and community on how to support them.  Through this process  the child, family and community reEmerge resilient.

This is accomplish by using Play or traditional Therapy, Family Therapy, Child-Parent connection intervention, Parent coaching and Community consultations.


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Play Therapy

Play Therapy or Traditional talk therapy can be use to help children express their fears, worries, thoughts concerns, and anxieties that are presenting challenges. *Why Play Therapy? * Play Therapy is different from regular play because it is a structured, theoretically based approach to therapy that builds on the natural way children learn about themselves […]

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Family Therapy

Maya Angelou stated that “The ache for home lives in all of us; the safe place to where we can go.. Well-functioning families are able to accomplish family task and promote the growth and well being of each individual member. The family is a system and in order for each individual to thrive, the system […]

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Parent- child Connection Interventions

*Parent – Child Connection Therapy* “ To value our children we must cherish our parents” John Bowlby One of our goals at reEmerge Child Therapy is to rebuild bonds.  Part of this process involves parent and child working together in therapy.  You, as a parent, learn skills to use with your child.   Why Nurture Bonds […]

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Free Community Presentations

If you are interested in a presentation or workshop for your organization please send me a message or give me call. If you would like a presentation but do not see a topic listed, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am able to tailor or create a presentation to suit your organization’s need. […]

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  • “My dad left and my brother was mean to me so my mom called Ms. Tenne to help me. Before I started working with Ms. Tenne my mom tried to help by giving me two hours lectures. After working with Ms. Tenne, my brother did not yell as much and I stopped yelling. I enjoyed the games we play and I would recommend Ms. Tenne because she is the best therapist I’ve ever had”


  • “We were going through the motions since we became parents.  We were not connecting, saying hurtful, demeaning and demoralizing  things to each other and we were bitter and angry. We had tried anger management prior to seeing Tenne.  She was able to help us communicate, have a positive outlook and we learned how to forgive each other.  As a result, we were able to let go of some anger, reconnect and learn how to co-parent.”



  • ” I worry excessively about tornadoes, hurricances, my dogs getting out, and lots of other things. I had another therapist prior to seeing Ms. Tenne. Ms. Tenne thought me how to solve my problems and to recognize that some worries are ok.”

  • “Ms. Tenne is fun. I like using bubbles to learn to breathe and calm down”


  • “Tenne uses her heart in therapy and I felt she had my families’ best interest at heart. My husband and I came to Tenne because we were having financial, trust and life issues. Tenne was able to help us a lot because she was able to mediate things from beginning to end and kept everything on track. She was very helpful and was able to help us come up with solutions to our problems and helped us to communicate with each other.”

  • “Before we started marital counseling  we were having trust issues due to infidelity.  During marital counseling, we were able  to express our true feelings and as a result were able to develop a stronger connection.  After marital counseling, we discovered we needed to communicate and talk more to each other.  We now spend more quality time with each other and it helped our relationship grow stronger.”

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